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Illuminating Conversations

Dallas Road Gardens

Friday 3rd Nov  5.30pm-10pm
Saturday 4th Nov  5.30pm-7.30pm


Artist: Dan Fox

Company: Sound Intervention assisted by Bob Fisher, Simon Hanson, Steve Fairclough.

Shimmer original concept developed with Phil Supple/ Light Refreshment


Come and discover an illuminated sound garden. Dan Fox has made a composition based on recorded conversations with residents of the Dallas Road area. The sound is played back through unique sculptural lanterns where light and sound work together to create an immersive environment that the public can explore.


Street lights speak, a mechanical tree generates sound-colour synesthesia whereby heard sounds evoke an experience of colour. Trees in the garden will be illuminated.

Dallas Road has a diverse population of people. Illuminating Conversations is a space for the residents to have an open discussion about the place they live and to hopefully be enthused by their collective contributions.