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Lancaster Castle

Friday 3rd Nov  5.30pm-10pm
Saturday 4th Nov  5.30pm-7.00pm

by imitating the dog
with James Hamilton

With live performance by our community choir, from Preston, Lancaster, Blackburn and Skelmersdale


trespass_marketing_image (1) When the world has gone to bed, a boy wanders the streets of his hometown. Along the cobbles and past the houses, through the centre and up the hill to where the walls are high and foreboding. He looks around and wonders where all the light and colour have gone. Where is the wind, where is the sky? This is no way to live. And so he sets off through the windows and over the walls to find some colour, to find some life.

Trespass is a new outdoor video mapping and sound piece by imitating the dog with composer James Hamilton. The piece will light up two buildings across two dates in Preston and Lancaster, bringing to life the grey walls of some familiar city buildings with the story of a child who goes looking for more. The projection will also integrate performances by a community choir.

Part video game, part Where the Wild Things Are, Trespass promises to bring some adventure to the dark nights!

imitating the dog are a Lancashire based company who make work for theatre, live performance and public festivals. Their work is highly visual and uses high end design and large scale video design. “imitating the dog is not only a company without imitators, it is currently without peer” – The Guardian

James Hamilton is a composer, trumpet player and member of the band Hope & Social. He has a long history of working in participatory project, most recently working with Hope & Social on their Tour of Infinite Possibility as part of the Tour de France Grand Depart.