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Water Worlds

Lancaster Library

Friday 3rd Nov  5.30pm-10pm
Saturday 4th Nov  5.30pm-7.30pm

Artist: Jenny Natusch
Working with Anne Featherstone


Jenny Natusch is interested in the spectrum of life that is missed by the rush of the routine & the limitations of the naked eye. This new project is in its very early stages and explores droplets of water and all the life, beauty, horror, wonder, comedy & drama within.


Jenny’s latest project involves filming all the wonder within water droplets. Water droplets vary depending on which source they come from. Beauty really can be found everywhere – a muddy puddle, a rock pool, a pond, a canal, a bird bath… These short films are set to sound tracks and give just a small taster of the fascinating animal and plant life that can be found in water droplets in the local area.