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Call for Participants to be the face of “Lancashire Moon”

The Lancashire Moon, created by NW artist, Hannah Fox, and Lancaster digital whizz, Jason Threlfall, will be looking down at everyone at LUL 2018 from the walls of Lancaster Castle on November 2nd and 3rd.

For this year’s Light Up Lancaster we’re looking for people of all ages to take part in a spectacular projected artwork. This is your chance to be part of an installation showcased at the festival on November 2nd and 3rd, seen by thousands of people.

The filming is easy and fun – you just need to sit still for 15- 30 minutes whilst Jason Threlfall and Hannah Fox, who are creating the project together, photograph and film your face to become part of a group image. The process is called digital mapping and will be an interesting insight into how computer-generated characters are created for films.

The Lancashire Moon will be created in a similar way to the film, Avatar. The faces of Lancashire folk will become the movement template that then ‘animates’ a hand drawn illustration of the moon. The friendly, quizzical, questioning moon will be projected to an enormous scale and gaze down upon the city over the consecutive festival nights.

The process is easy and fun you can be a part of it. Bring your friends, your Nan, your Dad.

All you need to do is book a time slot for the filming day in the Thomas Storey Room at The Storey on Thursday, July 26. Contact Light Up Lancaster producer, George Harris, at: georgeproduces@gmail.com to book your place.



Frequently asked questions

How long will it take to be filmed?   It will take between 15 and 30 minutes.

Do I have to act or sing or have any performance experience? No. We just want you to be natural and be yourselves.

What will I have to do? Hannah will ask you to sit still and look at the camera. Firstly, you will be asked to hold certain facial positions e.g., look up, look down and then a few expressions e.g., surprise, anger. Finally, you will be told a simple story to consider which will show how you look whilst thinking.

Am I the right age? Our lower limit is age 7 but there is no upper age limit. All welcome.

Can I bring my kids, my Mum, my friend? Please do. They can just watch you whilst you are being filmed but if they would like to join in then please book them a slot too.

What shall I wear? It doesn’t matter. You will only be filmed from the neck up. If you wear glasses you might wish to remove them for a moment to cut down on ‘glare’ but if you don’t wish to then that is fine.

What about my hair? Hair is fine in any way it comes although the filming will work best if most of the face can be clearly seen. Your hair will not become a part of the animation.

Will I see myself in the final film at the festival? No, not your own face in a recognisable way. Your movements, expressions and mannerisms will all be there but you will look like a friendly glowing Lancashire moon by this point!

Will my personal information be protected? Yes. All we will ask of you is your first name so that we can identify whose face is who’s.

No other personal information will be asked for. Your photographic data will be used for the animation and no other purpose. If we wish to take a photo of our ‘work in progress’ on the day then we will ask your permission there and then. Please make sure you book a slot in advance, don’t just drop in on the day.